Photonics Webinar Series

Mengjie is a 2020 OSA Ambassador. Her research is outstanding, and I personally find it really interesting. Our student chapter at Unicamp was planning a series of webinars on hot topics in optics and photonics, the "Photonics Webinar Series." Precisely because of our vision, when I met Mengjie, she felt like the perfect speaker to debut this series.

She accepted our invitation and our chapter was honored to have her.

Chat with Niahm Kavanagh

I met Niahm at the 2020 Student Leadership conference. I immediately related to her experiences as a woman in STEM and shared many point of views about navigating this evironment. I felt like just talking to her gave me so much insight and perspective that I wanted others in my institute to feel the same way. So I approached a member of the Unicamp Physics Institute Graduate Students Union (APGF) and asked about organizing an informal conversation about diversity and inclusion with Niahm.

Finally, the OSA student chapter and APGF collaborated to organize this event, which I am very thankful for happening.

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