Who am I?

My name is Leticia Magalhaes, and I am a dual bachelor's in Physics and Optoelectronics Engineering, and an Applied Physics master's student at the State University of Campinas. I am currently researching means to design light-sound interactions via hybrid material interfaces in optical cavities. I have experience with optical forces, Brillouin scattering, and photonic design. My research focuses on investigating how light interacts with sound and its surrounding media, aiming to pave the way for milestones within the photonics industry. Additionally, I am absolutely passionate about optics and photonic design since I see optical technologies as a playground of opportunities for re-inventing the technological setting, pushing the boundaries between reality and science fiction. On that note, I also believe science to be an incubator to the future of society and am devoted to diversity initiatives that can help make science, specifically STEM, more democratic.

Here is my CV

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International OSA Network of Students

As president of the OSA student chapter at Unicamp we organized an IONS event. Here are some pictures of this event that hosted 119 attendees from 7 different countries, 3 international and 4 national speakers.


I organized and enabled several events. Some of them were "hard-core" scientific, but some were geared towards diversity and inclusion initiatives. I found that brave spaces allowed me to talk about issues in STEM, and it was comforting to know that I wasn't alone, so I wanted to help others the same way.


Outreach activities were essential to shaping my core career values and a great opportunity to hone communication skills by bridging the gap between academia and the general public. Here are some pictures I took during those activities.

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